Plastic Name Badges


Plastic Name Badges With Pin Fasteners

Personalized name badges are a powerful marketing tool, whether you’re hosting an employee or customer event. They allow your staff to differentiate them from one another and create a positive image for your brand and improve accountability within your team. They also provide an opportunity to manage your staff, assign tasks and restrict access to specific areas.

It is essential to select the right name tag for your requirements. You need to consider the durability, printing options and your budget. For the best appearance and value, choose from plastic or metal.

A professional name tag is an important instrument to ensure guests navigate your event. They are usually made of tough plastics such as vinyl or acrylic, and can be ordered in various sizes. They can be printed digitally, screen-printed, or engraved with your company’s logo. They can be personalized executive or blank and come with magnets, pins or clip fasteners.

These clear, pin-on back ID badge holders permit simple and fast loading of nametag inserts. They securely attach to clothing with a non-snag pin, making them ideal for social and professional occasions like trade shows, meetings, reunions corporate mixers, and more.

The transparent holder comes with slots and holes that can be used to accommodate lanyards. You can also print names on paper or inserts. The badge holder comes with 100 pin-on-back badges that can be reusable for repeated use.

Consider the fonts and formatting that are easy to read when selecting a template to use for your labels. For labels that display names of guests, an sans serif or serif font with a bold font style with a minimum 20 points font is the best choice. It is a good idea to also include the event’s name, venue, date, and time.

Our online templates make it simple to create a label for your next event. You can easily alter the size, shape and color of the labels to fit your event’s theme. You can even add images to the label for extra interest.

For a more unique design you can also create windows for your event using a clear lens. These personal plastic name badges with pins  that can be reused feature an angled frame, pin fastener, and paper insert.

You can personalize a window tag with your logo and pick from silver, gold, or white metal with clear dome lenses made of acrylic. For a unique look you can attach a magnet pin or clip fastener.

A professional event nametag is crucial to an event that is successful. It will assist attendees be aware of where to go and who to speak to, and what they should do to make the most of the event.

A well-designed name tag can ensure that registration goes quickly and smoothly, minimizing errors and increasing efficiency. A well-designed nametag will make it easy to arrange guests alphabetically and help you save time when creating your event’s guest list.

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